COVID vaccine update from Fremont County Incident Team

(Fremont County, WY) – The Fremont County Incident Management Team, now called the Fremont County Coronavirus Unified Command, shared an update today, January 4th about the local COVID-19 vaccine and distribution priorities.

Below is their entire press release.


Snapshot of Vaccine Availability

Reasons supply is difficult to predict:

  1. Vaccine availability is more limited than previously planned for and visibility to the supply is week to week.
  2. The uncertainty of the percentage of the population who plan to take the vaccine reduces certainty of distribution but may possibly accelerate distribution.
  3. As people are added to the list to be vaccinated, it takes some time to work through the list and get people to come in.
  4. Outlying areas -People within the priority groups may not have access to current distribution points. Plans are currently in progress for folks in 1A and 1B priority lists to get vaccine distributed as vaccines are available.

From State distribution priorities:

1A – Critical Populations:

  • (Healthcare with regular exposure to COVID) – Mostly through this group with first dose)
  • Now adding other additional hospital staff with existing supply.
  • All physician providers have been offered and clinic personnel – on going
  • All law enforcement offered – ongoing
  • Long Term Health Care – This group was planned to be administered through Walgreens but the company has not received supply yet.
  • Tribal Public Health – Direct distribution from Federal Government and administration ongoing
  • EMS personnel – ongoing
  • Public Health Nursing – ongoing
  • PHN’s and HCP’s – ongoing
  • Urgent Care – ongoing
  • Law enforcement – mostly complete
  • Medical providers – mostly complete
  • Home Health – ongoing
  • Pharmacy staff– estimated January

Group 1B:

  • Fire / police / correctional staff – mostly complete
  • Funeral Services – estimated January
  • People over 70 – Clients of Western Family and Lander Clinic will be contacted as vaccine is available. Those over 70 who wish to receive vaccine who are not clients of these clinics are advised to call the clinics and will be added to the list.
  • National Guard – estimated January
  • Group homes – estimated January
  • Other Health care providers – on going
  • K-12 teachers staff – estimated January
  • Child Care service providers – estimated January
  • Public transit – WRTA not working right now – no status
  • Grocery Store employees – no status
  • US Postal employees and other deliver services – no status

Current Fremont County COVID-19 Statistics:

  • 54 Active COVID-19 cases in Fremont County
  • 559 Probable positives
  • 64 Deaths due to COVID-19 in Fremont County
  • 4.9% Percentage of positives to total tests in Fremont County
  • 5 Current Hospitalizations due to COVID-19 in Fremont County

The rate of lab confirmed COVID-19 cases in Fremont County is continuing to fall, however there is concern that the number of probable cases have not dropped as much. With a drop in the number of people being tested, there is concern that the number of active cases in Fremont County are being under-reported. If you have had contact with a known positive, please be tested.

Fremont County Public Health continues to urge everyone to wear masks, social distance at 6 feet and use proper hand washing and sanitation techniques whenever possible.

All the updates from the Fremont County Coronavirus Unified Command can be viewed on County 10 by clicking here.

The Fremont County WDH COVID dashboard can be viewed by clicking here.

There is also a Wyoming hospital capacity page which can be found by clicking here.


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