County 10 Law Enforcement Log: Riverton Police Department – January 15, 2024

    All persons arrested or cited are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law.

    Below are the most recent arrests and call blotters from publicly available reports provided directly by the Riverton Police Department. Click here for more details about the law enforcement logs.

    RPD Arrests:

    • Quiver, Delray, 46, Fort Washakie, Public Intoxication, Municipal Warrant, Available Narrative: RP advised of a subject laying down in the bandshell with his pants around his ankles; “Responding officer located Delray Quiver, 46 yoa from Fort Washakie in the condition as described and arrested him for Public Intoxication. Mister Quiver also had a Riverton Municipal warrant”
    • Larsen, Madilyn, 24, Riverton, Breach of Peace, Trespassing, Available Narrative: RP advised of a disorderly subject who was under the influence and refusing to leave the bathroom, “Responding officers contacted Madilyn Larsen, 24 yoa from Riverton who was indeed being very loud and disorderly and arrested her for Breach of Peace and Trespassing”
    • Black, Raquel, 24, Riverton, Failure to Pay Fines Warrant, Available Narrative: “Raquel Black, 24 yoa from Riverton was stopped for driving a vehicle with expired plates and routine checks revealed a Riverton Municipal warrant for Failure to Pay Fines. She was arrested on the warrant and given a verbal warning for the expired registration”
    • Dodge, Brian, 38, Riverton, Trespassing, Available Narrative: RP advised of an intoxicated subject refusing to leave; “Brian Dodge, 38 yoa from Riverton was arrested for Trespassing”
    • Rogers, Lance, 35, Riverton, Child Endangering, 2 Warrants, Available Narrative: RP advised of a child living in unsafe conditions; “The responding officer found that the residence was filthy and unsanitary with garbage and trash so thick that some of the interior doors could not be opened or closed. The toilet was backed up and there was putrid food in the refrigerator. Lance Rogers, 35 yoa from Riverton was cited for Children Endangering and taken into custody on two Riverton warrants. The 7 year old child was taken into protective custody”
    • Downey, Michael, 37, Shoshoni, Natrona County Warrant, Available Narrative: “Michael Downey, 37 yoa from Shoshoni was stopped for operating a vehicle with expired plates and routine checks revealed a Natrona County warrant for which he was arrested. Mister Downey was also cited for Failure to Maintain Insurance, Expired Registration and Open Container”
    • Sunrhodes, Cory, 37, Ethete, Municipal Warrant, Use of a Toxic Substance, Available Narrative: RP advised they wanted a subject escorted off of property; “Responding officer located Cory Sunrhodes, 37 yoa from Ethete in the bathroom at that location where he had apparently been huffing shaving cream (for the effects to be gained from the aerosol content). Mister Sunrhodes had a Riverton Municipal Warrant and was taken into custody and he was also charged charged with use of a Toxic Substance”
    • Whiting-Piapot, Naveda, 34, Riverton, Parole Violation, Domestic Battery, Available Narrative: “Responding officer arrested Naveda Whiting-Piapot, 34 yoa from Riverton for violation of his Parole conditions as he had been drinking and also charged him with Domestic Battery for having assaulted a 26 yoa female household member”
    • Duran, Misti, 30, Riverton, Public Intoxication, Available Narrative: RP advised of a subject knocking on their door wanting to be let in; “Officer located Misti Duran, 30 yoa from Riverton who was only wearing one shoe and arrested her for Public Intoxication. She also had two active Riverton Municipal warrants”

    RPD Citations and Other Notable Calls:

    • PI Accident: Riverview Road, 7:40 AM, Available Narrative: “45 yoa female driving a red 1998 Toyota on Riverview road apparently had a seizure and drifted off of the south south side of the road and across field for a ways until she struck a green utility box knocking it over. The Toyota sustained major damage to it’s front right fender area. The driver was transported by EMS and it was later learned at the hospital that she had a history of seizures. Other then the seizure the driver was uninjured”
    • Vandalism: N 6th Street East, 9:32 AM, Available Narrative: RP advised of a vehicle with a window broken out; report pending
    • Drug Use: Sunset Drive, 1:53 PM, Available Narrative: “A 16 yoa Riverton boy was cited for possession of marijuana in the form of a THC vape pipe”
    • MIP/MUI: Eagle Drive, 2:37 AM, Available Narrative: RP advised of several juveniles drinking and causing problems; “Officers located three individuals in the area and cited Tessa Baggs, 19 yoa from Riverton for MUI with a BAC of .099 and a 16 yoa girl from Riverton for MUI with a BAC of .062 and another 16 yoa girl from Riverton, who was also listed as a runaway, for MUI with a BAC of .102”

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