County 10 continues to invest in local news – Thank you for your support!

    Hey 10’rs!

    The last couple of years have been quite a ride, haven’t they? All through our community, and of course the world, we’ve seen a strange cocktail of struggle, adaptation, reinvention, ingenuity, and grit. Here at County 10, we’ve downed that drink right along with you.

    Thank you for sticking with us as your local news source through all the craziness. Because of you, we just passed another milestone – we’ve grown to an average of 1.4 million pageviews on the site each month. 


    Your support is humbling and we’ll keep trying to deliver the local news, information, and the fun you’ve come to expect from us – and more. Whether it’s here on our site, on one of our radio stations, at a local event, in a podcast, or wherever you find us, we’re here for you.

    You may have heard a rumor that we’ve sold out. I had someone ask me at the doctor’s office and in the grocery store. Some of our team members have heard it too. My favorite variation is that a company from out of town made an offer to buy County 10 and offered me a job. 

    False. No one has made an offer, or even spoken to me about the topic. If they had, the response would have been simple: “We’re not selling to anyone.”

    We are and continue to be your local news source.


    When I bought the business in 2019, my goal was to build on County 10’s legacy of community connection. Overall, I think we’ve delivered on the promise of putting our community first, and telling the stories that matter, without bias, just information. I’m incredibly grateful for you, our readers and fans, and for our team here.

    We remain committed to our mission of connecting the community, and we feel like we need to do more.

    That’s why, in the last month, we have doubled the size of our newsroom with a focus on covering more news than ever for our readers. In addition to more emphasis on government and schools reporting, we’re looking for more incredible stories to share in features and series and, for the first time, County 10 is publishing columns from local writers with interesting perspectives. If you have a tip for us to follow up on, send it to us at [email protected]!


    We think more voices lead to better understanding, so another big change is that you can now submit your opinions to County 10 as Letters to the Editor for consideration. Check out our opinions submission page to learn more.

    In the last few months, we’ve worked hard to roll out the most comprehensive community calendar in Fremont County. We’ve also launched a new jobs board, to help locals connect with quality employers. 

    Last year, we launched the 10 Spot Community Gift Card program (thanks Wyoming Community Bank!) which promotes shopping local.


    Through our Coworking brand, we partnered with CWC and Maker Space 307 and won a grant to support entrepreneurship in Fremont County, forming the Bootstrap Collaborative. More on that coming in the next couple of months!

    You’re also going to notice a major redesign of our homepage in the near future to help you better find the content you’re looking for from County 10. We’ll be redesigning our daily email too to deliver more information to your inbox each day. 

    And that’s only part of what we’re working on. In the coming months, we have some major changes coming on our radio stations to better serve our community and tie them into the County 10 mission. We can’t wait to share them with you!

    In short, thank you for making us the most read and trusted news source and media company in Fremont County. In return, we’ll keep on giving back, building, and innovating local news and entertainment delivery for our community.

    Thank you, Fremont County.

    Last thing. Free news isn’t really free. As I shared above, we’re committed to growing our newsgathering ability; to doing more. County 10 will never charge a subscription and we work hard to keep our prices low for advertising. Last year we gave away over $20,000 in free and/or discounted advertising to local nonprofits and causes to help them get the word out on a budget.

    If you like what we’re doing and willing to help us fund local journalism in Fremont County, please consider a small (non-deductible) contribution to keep us connecting the community! Just click here for more info.

    If you have questions, concerns, or you’d just like to share a thought, feel free to email me anytime. 

    -Will Hill
    County 10 Owner/Publisher 


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