Coroner: Suicides up slightly in 2020; Accidents are down

    Fremont County Coroner Mark Stratmoen delivered his monthly update to Fremont County Commissioners on Tuesday, August 11th.

    The Coroner’s office reported that the overall number of cases in 2020 were slightly down compared to this time in 2019. They’ve responded to 80 cases thus far in 2020, and had been to 80 this time last year. 50 of those calls in 2020 were natural deaths, compared to 52 natural deaths in 2019.

    Accidents are down by 10 with 14 deaths in 2020, suicides are up slightly with 10 cases this year compared to 6 at this time last year. Homicides are down by 2 cases this year with 3 in 2020. However, there are currently 2 cases pending investigation.


    Stratmoen also noted that the first motor vehicle death since May 8th occurred on July 29th. Two people died in a single vehicle roll-over, seat belts were not in use.

    Finally, Mark noted that all Fremont County COVID-19 related deaths had occurred in medical facilities and were not coroner cases.


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