Coroner cases to date this year surpass 2019 total

    Fremont County Coroner Mark Stratmoen released his monthly report to the Fremont County Commissioners today, December 8th. There have been 154 coroner cases as of December 2nd – surpassing the number of cases in 2019 which was 151 total.

    “November had the highest total of cases for a single month since February of 2017,” the update stated. 135 coroner cases were reported as of November 4th, which means there were 19 coroner cases between then and December 2nd.

    So far this year, there have been 96 natural deaths – 17 more than the same timeframe last year.


    35 accidents and 17 suicides have been reported this year, each up by one compared to last year. Traffic fatalities are at 15 – which also surpasses the 2019 total of 12.

    Homicides are down by 3 with a total of 4 so far this year.

    Last month, the first COVID-19 coroner cases were reported. There have now been a total of 5 COVID-related at-home deaths, according to the report. It’s noted that all other COVID-related deaths have been in medical facilities and not coroner cases.


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