Construction is underway on a concrete cut-off wall along the banks of the Popo Agie River near Main Street and First Street in downtown Lander.

The wall was ordered by the Environmental Protection Agency as they continue to investigate the source of a leak that’s depositing a “refined substance, like gasoline” into the Popo Agie. Neither the EPA or Department of Environmental Quality has confirmed the source of the leak thus far, but many have told County 10 individually that they believe it is likely to be originating from the Maverik gas station, adjacent to the leak. Maverik fuel pumps were shut off Sunday, but the store remains open.

The leak was discovered Tuesday, April 2nd by a man who called Lander authorities reporting seeing fuel in the river and smelling gasoline-like fumes.

The EPA set up a website for updates on the situation, but it appears none have been given since April 4th.