Congratulations Sue Cress, SageWest Employee of the Month

Sue Cress, Practice Manager, effortlessly demonstrates her ability to create a place where employees want to work. She is a strong advocate for patients, employees, and physicians who consistently speaks up and follows up when there is a safety issue or clinic need, that would improve patient care and overall operations.

Sue is quick to take responsibility for those things she can change and is always willing to step outside of her comfort zone. It is obvious that she takes pride in her work and the work of those around her. She works both horizontally and vertically to ensure physician practices are providing top-quality care that we all can be proud of when we are inside or outside of our working environment.

Sue makes it very evident in her everyday actions what is important in our organization. Here are several examples of Sue’s willingness to go the extra mile to ensure our physicians, employees, and patients have a positive experience at SageWest.

  • She acknowledges birthdays, special days and milestones for all those she meets.
  • She takes time to build relationships with her employees reports and ensures they feel valued within our organization.
  • She, at times, spends hours assisting patients in getting their records, understanding their medical bills, working on accommodating care and financial needs, and improving overall patient safety.

Thank you, Sue, for your continued focus and service to our patients, employees and physicians.

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