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The number of accomplishments our daughter Lena has made in the past four years since her high school graduation have been amazing and we are so proud of her. She finished dual Bachelor’s degrees in criminal justice and psychology, accompanied by a minor in law. She says it has been the most academically demanding and rewarding task she has taken on. I am so proud she has been able to finish as Summa Cum Laude, and was blessed to be awarded the Ourstanding Graduate Award for the college of Arts and Science and to have her name placed on the wall of that building forever. She wants to thank you for all the love and support.

We never understood why everyone in Wyoming was so obsessed with UW, but having spent two years in Laramie, and now an official alumni, she says “I get it. The world truly does need more cowboys!”

Lena will be continuing on as an assistant researcher for the state of Wyoming’s criminal justice wing, and beginning her Master’s degree in public administration in the fall.


Congrats to all Fremont County Grads from County 10!

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