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    Braeden is the middle child of the family, such a jokester, always smiling, laughing, so likable, an amazing artist, a ray of light in the darkness, making everyone feel welcome with his big heart!
    The 1st thing you notice when you see him is his mop of curls and his height- 6’3”. The first thing most people ask is, “do you play basketball?” His answer of course is, “no!!” He hasn’t been into sports or athletically driven since he was younger; he spent a few years with the Ninja Kids club, bowling league, and a few seasons of soccer.
    He enjoys his family, friends, art, skiing, traveling, reading, hiking, photography, movies, and gaming.
    He has always been a good student; but this “distance learning” has tested him a bit, but he pulled through just fine. He’s been looking at the positive side of things- it’s getting him prepared for college.
    He is so mature for his age, driven, ambitious, unique with his wicked sense of humor, a touch of sass thrown in, heart of gold, sense of style of dress and colors for the season, truly a gentle giant!
    I can’t believe that 17 years has flown by so fast. I’m going to miss seeing his dimpled smile and getting the best hugs from him. I know he his destined for bigger and better things. Lander is his home and he may come back closer to “home” in the future; but for now his eye is on meeting new people, trying out and exploring new things. He has the passion, drive, and focus that he needs to accomplish his dreams! He has already made me proud and I know he will continue to do so.
    College here he comes…
    I love you my Little Boy Blue! …?


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