Concussion Baseline Testing – Now at Fremont Therapy Group

    Fremont Therapy Group is now offering comprehensive Concussion Management Program that includes baseline testing services. Baseline testing offers everyone, not just athletes, the opportunity to have a baseline concussion evaluation to establish a reference point in case a head injury does occur later on. We have the ability to partner with local medical professionals, coaches, high school systems, athletes, employers and individuals ages 5 and up.

    Baseline testing is a test that measures how well your brain functions. Many tests measure only the cognitive function of your brain. Our approach measures how well your brain functions in all areas including in cognitive, balance & equilibrium, vision, motor skills and internal body communication.

    Comparing post-injury test results to baseline test results helps health care professionals identify the effects of the injury, plan an effective rehabilitation program, and make more informed return to school and play decisions.

    This baseline test, in conjunction with the school’s cognitive test, will give the best information to professionals treating a student-athlete after a head injury. Fremont Therapy Group’s baseline test focuses on balance and eye coordination measuring the cranial nerves.

    Stop by the Lander Medical Clinic this Wednesday and Thursday (Aug 8th and 9th) from 4-6pm for your test, or call Fremont Therapy Group to set up a time to come in and meet with their athletic trainer or Sports Certified Specialist.

    At LMC, Firth and Forbis are completing the sports physicals during that time as well. We are charging $10, which is good for the entire sports year. If a concussion occurs later on, then it’s free of charge to come in to our clinic and go through the tests.

    In addition to individual baseline tests, we can offer teams and schools group discounts for baseline testing packages. Please call 307-332-5240 in Lander and 307-856-7021 in Riverton for more information.

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