Success: from concept to reality

    A letter by Ray Barta, in support of Gard for Mayor:

    After contracting with PHD/Gardcrafted to construct my new home, I was able to get to know Rich and was immediately impressed with his ability to manage a project from concept to reality. Throughout the process, I had many discussions with Rich about the community and current business environment.

    Rich is a business owner who knows what it takes to be successful day-in and day-out, year after year. It is this type of experience that will be necessary to bring back businesses that have been crippled by a City Council composed mainly of career public sector employees. The current office holder has had years to protect and create jobs here in Riverton but has instead merely collected a paycheck while serving many interests except the tax-paying citizens of Riverton.

    Rich also understands how important a well-funded police force is in combating the growing criminal network in Riverton, as well as the need for enforcement of our current city ordinances. Rich will support the adoption of new ordinances aimed at entirely stopping the widespread criminal activity such as loitering, vandalism, public intoxication, and theft while doing away with ordinances that limit our personal freedoms and stifle our businesses.

    As for the future of Riverton, Rich clearly understands the important role Riverton plays as the hub of Fremont County both economically and socially. He fully supports and will assist in any way necessary to revitalize and strengthen our hospital and will look to expand our airport service so that travel to and from Riverton, whatever the occasion, is simple and streamlined.

    If you find any of these issues troubling and are ready for positive change, I encourage you to vote Rich Gard for Mayor. He will work tirelessly towards restoring Riverton and moving towards a much brighter future.

    Ray Barta
    Oilfield Service Specialist and Local Real Estate Investor


    Paid for by the Committee to Elect Richard Gard

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