Coming to a rural town near you… New mobile health clinic is ready for patients

    The Wind River Family and Community Health Care, more commonly called Wind River Cares, is proud to announce that their new Mobile Health Clinic is ready for patients. This mobile unit is the result of a dream coming to fruition. First envisioned by Wind River Cares’ CEO, Rick Brannan. The mobile clinic solves some big obstacles and needs in our community.

    First, expanded orthodontic services for the Arapahoe Clinic.
    Since May, 2018 Dr. Ed Barnett has been offering Orthodontic services at Wind River Cares’ Arapahoe Clinic. The demand and growth has been taxing on their facility. The new mobile clinic allows Wind River Cares to expand and grow.

    Second, children can now get dental care right outside their school classroom.
    In the near future, Wind River Cares plans to arrange trips to schools, starting with Arapahoe, St. Stephens, and Wyoming Indian. Setting up shop outside the classroom allows children to receive routine dental care that they may otherwise not have access to.

    Third, rural living is no longer an excuse to avoid healthcare.
    Wind River Cares feels strongly that all citizens should have easy access to good healthcare. Now they can bring the clinic to you! Rural communities (Crowheart for example) will soon have access to services like dental/orthodontic services, flu shots, and other wellness checks.

    Today, you can find the mobile clinic sitting outside the Arapahoe Clinic, located at 14 Great Plains Road, Arapahoe, WY. Currently, this is where Dr. Ed Barnett is performing a variety of Orthodontic services.

    “This is one part of a much bigger dream I have for Wind River Cares,” said CEO Rick Brannan. “It is incredibly rewarding to see the pieces coming together. It is rewarding for myself, as well as all of the staff at Wind River Cares.”

    “It all comes down to our mission to improve the lives of the native community, especially the Arapaho. This is just the beginning.”

    The mobile clinic appears to be just one milestone met in a long planned out vision for the future of Wind River Family and Community Health Care.

    Braces and other orthodontic services are now available at Wind River Cares’ Mobile Health Clinic. To make an appointment, please call the Arapahoe Clinic at 856-9281

    You can visit Wind River Cares on the web at and also on Facebook.

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