Columbine survivor community speaker event planned by Riverton students

    h/t Craig Scott’s Facebook page for the photo

    Riverton students and staff worked for a year to schedule Columbine High School shooting survivor, Craig Scott, to speak in Riverton. Everyone is welcome according to Riverton High School Principal John Griffith.

    Griffith hopes the takeaways from Scott will encourage kindness and understanding that “you don’t know everything about everyone.” He noted it’s easy to get wrapped up in social media and forget what is being said can negatively impact people. This is a continuation of positivity Riverton students have worked to keep in their schools since a threat several years ago.

    The event is scheduled for Tuesday, September 3rd at 6:00 pm in the Riverton Middle School Multi-Purpose Room.

    Below is more information about Craig shared on his Facebook page.

    My name is Craig Scott. I’m a survivor of the Columbine High School shooting where I had two friends killed next to me under a table and also learned my sister, Rachel, was killed. I have spent the last decade speaking to students sharing my experiences and lessons learned. My mission is to help create lasting cultural impact on schools where kids realize their immense value, challenged to have character and treat others with value. 

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