Coffee Time: Listen in for all the details on the Lander Community Foundation’s Challenge For Charities

(Lander, WY) – 1330 KOVE AM / 107.7 FM’s Coffee Time host Vince Tropea recently chatted with MJ Greene, the Executive Director of the Lander Community Foundation, who stopped by to fill us in on the Challenge for Charities fundraisers.

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According to the fundraiser overview:

The Foundation solicits community members and businesses —called Challengers—to fund a matching pool, most intensively in March-May. Local nonprofits solicit their supporters for donations between May 1 – July 10 giving period. The matching fund pool will leverage their efforts from their own fundraising. 


Challengers are recognized in a variety of ways, depending on their giving amount. After the giving period ends, we take the amount of money raised by Challengers and the amount raised by nonprofits and figure out the percentage match. The percentage match is the amount of money every participating nonprofit is eligible to receive.

We match nonprofit’s donations up to $10,000. Historically the match has been between 35%-60%.

Greene gave us the details on how you can contribute to the various non-profits through Challenge For Charities, how they hope to continue last year’s record-breaking numbers, and other LCF events coming our way.

Give the full Coffee Time interview with Greene below.


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