Clifford on successful re-election bid for House District 33

    Representative Andi Clifford (D-Fremont) has released the following statement on her re-election campaign for Wyoming’s State House District 33. 

    I want to speak to the hard work my team put forward! Thank you to everyone who supported me in this journey.

    I am and forever will be influenced by the strength of our communities in House District 33. It inspired me to run a political campaign showcasing our strengths, not our divisions. Our ability to survive and thrive together deserves to be held up for all of Wyoming and the world to see. 


    I’ve wanted to use resources donated to my campaign to lift up others and give back. Thank you for seeing me as a good investment. You all are a part of the victory. Thank you for believing in me.

    I wanted to move over and share space on my platform for constituents to express their hopes and visions for the kind of life and community we can create in this county and state. Together, with your help, I am able to continue our journey forward and remind our cities, county and state just why it is so important to be Indigenous and proud of it. Because while I am proud to represent House District 33 when I step up to that microphone on the floor of the State Capitol, I am really there in those halls of power because of each of you. 

    Your voices and ideas are important and deserve to be heard and represented. You, the people, are the reason why we legislators make policies, laws and programs. We as lawmakers are expected to do those things to serve people. We represent people, not things. We are challenged to do our best to make the wheels of government turn in ways that help people and their families.

    We can seize this future together because we are stronger together. Whether you were in my camp from the beginning or you were persuaded by my message. I am thankful for every vote. By going forward, I want to assure everyone that I am ready to get back to work. 



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