City of Lander snow removal update – 4th Street and Cascade on Monday

    The City of Lander appreciates your patience as crews continue snow removal operations around town. We are prioritizing drainage routes so that snowmelt can flow into drains and eventually back to the river.

    Plowing any street takes a total of three passes which typically occurs over the course of three days. On the first pass, we will be picking up the berm in the middle of the street. On the second pass, we will be clearing the driving lanes. On the third pass, we will be focusing on the gutters and clearing drains.

    Most importantly, we need your help in moving vehicles on the third pass in the snow removal operation process. When cars are moved, we can efficiently clear the gutters and storm drains. Gutters that are not cleared cause ice dams which then cause water to flow back into residential driveways and sidewalks causing additional problems for homeowners. If you see that your street has had the berm removed and crews are working on removing the snow from the driving lane, this is your cue to please move your vehicles and trailers to allow for the final pass to open gutters.

    On Monday, February 13, there will be a third pass on both 4th Street and Cascade Street. Please move your vehicles Sunday night because we will start early Monday morning.

    We will continue to work on snow berm removal around town as work crews are able to get to them. Once again, we appreciate your patience and cooperation during this unprecedented winter snowfall. Thank you to all of the crews that are working long hours on snow removal.

    h/t City of Lander

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