City of Lander requests your help with a follow-up Main Street Corridor Community Survey [SURVEY]


    Since their last public meeting on July, 2017 the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) committee has implemented the following list of measures in Lander:

    • Painted “Sharrows” on the asphalt on Garfield and Lincoln
    • Increased route signage and distribution of printed maps for preferred routes
    • Hung Safety Banners on Main Street safety banners
    • Installed “No bicycles on Main Street Sidewalk” stickers
    • Created dedicated Bike Lanes on Main from the Intersection of 278/789 to 1st Street
    • Increased Pedestrian timing for crossing Main Street
    • Implemented 25 MPH effective timing on Main Street Lights
    • Reinstituted Bike cops for the summer months and at community events
    • Participated at Injury Prevention Services education events (Safe Kids bike rodeo and Road Warrior)
    • Presented to local service organizations, Senior Center, and other clubs
    • Published frequent Education tidbits published on Social Media

    All of this is in keeping with the committee’s vision:

    To provide equal accessibility to Main Street for all modes of transportation (vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians) while minimizing conflicts between the users.

    Now, they’ve published a follow-up survey that they’re asking you to take a couple of minutes to provide your feedback.


    Once these results have been compiled the TAP committee will review 2018 crash data to compare it to the last 10 years of data. They’ll also compare survey results with the original survey and
    make a final report which will make recommendations to City Council for implementing long-term solutions. Recommendations for long-term solutions will be presented in a December council meeting.

    The goal of this survey is to see if any of the temporary measures that were implemented from April – Oct this year were seen as a benefit (increased cycling and pedestrian safety).

    Main Street Corridor Study Area and preferred bike routes

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