City Council President Mike Bailey Warns of Fueling Hospital Rumors; Joins SageWest Board to Promote Healthcare in Fremont County

    At a meeting of community leaders in Riverton last week, Mike Bailey was offered and accepted a board position with SageWest Health Care.  Here is Bailey’s letter announcing his acceptance of the board seat:

    Dear Friends and Neighbors,
    As you already know, there has been a lot of discussion about the status of the Hospital and health care in general. This is a subject that affects all of our lives here in Riverton and Fremont County.
    As a lifelong resident, business owner and elected official here in Riverton, I have been presented the opportunity to serve as a member of the hospital board. I see this as an opportunity to represent the interests of our community, promote an honest conversation, the delivery of good information, and the promotion of superior medical service in our community. As such, I am accepting this opportunity to serve and invite all members of our community to work with me to promote medical services in our community and provide for a frank and honest discussion of our medical needs in Riverton.

    Rumors and speculation are common in these very complex conversations and we are all subject to multiple information sources of varying legitimacy. We all need to be very careful when gathering and disseminating information. We need to make sure that information is honest, factual and accurate. I understand that this conversation is not an easy one but I believe that Riverton is more than up to the task in front of us. A positive outlook is very important to moving the issue forward.
    I look forward to working with the CEO, my fellow board members, and Staff as we seek to improve our community as I believe this is truly in the best interests of our community. I look forward to hearing from our community and to serving in this new capacity.
    With that I am “All In for Riverton & Fremont County”


    Mike Bailey
    Riverton City Council President


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