Christmas Fireworks tonight at Jaycee Park in Riverton

Tonight at 7pm at Jaycee Park in Riverton is the annual Christmas Firework show. 

“Bring the cocoa! It should be fun, ”Jim Landis is the owner of Phoenix Fireworks and said it’s going to be a cold clear night. He also said the best seats for the show are going to be in the Riverton Middle School parking lot. 

“It’s a directional show,” Dustin McLaughlin, one of the firework technicians told County 10. So, either viewing from Sunset Blvd or on the opposite side of the park are the best places to view it.


“There’s going to be comets flying back and forth both ways tonight,” McLaughlin said. 

Phoenix Fireworks does all of the fireworks displays in Riverton where their company is based, but also provides firework shows all over the US. 

“We are the biggest supplier of display fireworks in the western United States,” Landis said, “Its a big deal.”

Landis also told County 10 that this firework show is sponsored by the Riverton community who want to have a firework show every year; and it just keeps getting bigger as local businesses donate more money to see it. 


The show should last around 15 minutes.

Community sponsors include:

Edward Jones-Mick Pryor
Riverton Tire and Oil
Lucid Optics
R Recreation
Matt Dalley
Fireworks Warehouse
Dustin McLaughlin
Flying Phoenix Fireworks


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