Cheyenne resident helps reduce dog, cat populations on Wind River Reservation

    (Wind River Reservation, WY) – If you partake in Facebook and are a member of the local area classifieds groups such as County 10’s very own 10 Trades, it’s possible you have seen a post about free pet food and help with unwanted pets on the Wind River Reservation from time to time.

    Behind those posts is Cheyenne resident Janet Marschner, owner of Yola’s Pet Rescue. Their mission is to do whatever they can to help animals – spay and neuter, rescue, adopt, educate, and work on State policy through the Legislature.

    Janet’s work locally began in 2017 after helping with a free spay and neuter clinic on the Wind River Reservation and discovering there was a large supply of puppies that local rescues could not keep up with.


    She began by taking unwanted puppies, kittens, dogs, and cats to Cheyenne. Getting them vaccinated and finding them homes.

    In September 2020, she began a “big push” for free spaying and neutering to help reduce the growing population. She also started delivering food and dog houses to anyone in need.

    “We don’t say no regardless,” Janet said about her pet rescue. They accept all puppies, kittens, dogs, and cats; even if they are injured or ill.

    “We do have some limited funds to pay for emergency care if someone needs help.”


    The rescue is completely volunteer-driven and privately funded. They do appreciate donations to help with their funding. Adoption fees also help keep them going.

    All I want to do is help the animals. -Janet Marschner

    As part of the education side of the rescue’s mission, they are paying for subscriptions to Be Kind magazine for schools. “It teaches children compassion for animals; we are excited about that,” Janet noted.


    So far, only Fort Washakie Elementary has taken them up on a subscription. Any Wyoming school interested in getting a subscription can reach out to Janet at the number below.

    She has planned to bring a load of food from Cheyenne on Sunday, February 28th, and will be picking up a litter of puppies as well.

    She asks that any Wind River Reservation resident with unwanted litters, dogs, or cats text her at (307) 631-3814 and coordinate a pick-up anytime. Those also in need of food or a dog house can text her as well. She can also help coordinate a free spay or neuter.


    Sometimes we can’t get there immediately since we all have regular jobs, but we will drive up as soon as possible, she noted.

    You can follow along with Yola’s Pet Rescue on the Friends of Yola’s Pet Rescue Facebook group and visit the recently created website here.

    You may be wondering about the name Yola – In 2017, Janet adopted Yola from a dying veteran who needed someone to take her as headed into hospice care. This story was featured in The Dodo, an animal-focused online media outlet. Click here to read it.


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