Change Needed

    A letter by Alex Wolfer, in support of Gard for Mayor:

    By all accounts, Lars Baker is very likeable, but as mayor of Riverton he is feckless. There are some things he just doesn’t get. And there are some issues where he doesn’t get anything done.

    When the courts were in the process of deciding the reservation boundary case, our mayor said “We don’t even have a dog in that hunt.” He also said it wouldn’t make much difference if we lost that case, “it would just add another layer (of government).”

    The U.S. Supreme Court rightly decided to let the lower court ruling stand. Lars said he was disappointed. He wanted the Supreme Court to hear the case. Was he hoping for a different decision?

    Recently it was brought to the attention of the city council, again, that citizens do not want young children going to City Park because of what goes on there. A lady who lives next to the park described intoxicated individuals fighting and urinating publicly “every day.” She went on to tell the city council, according to the August 16 Riverton Ranger, “The fights are knock down drag-outs-there’s blood going everywhere, and kids are seeing this. These people are fall-down drunk, and they approach everybody who comes into the park asking for money, alcohol or drugs.”

    The city, under our current mayor, hopes the re-activated Solutions panel can re-address park concerns. So far, the re-activated panel has come up with a vision statement and they are working on a mission statement.

    Lars seems happy to do one study after another, kicking the can down the road. We need a change.

    Richard Gard would be a change for the better. He is a business man who has a proven record and he has both city council and airport board experience. He can get things done.

    Alex Wolfer
    Retired Mortgage Banker


    Paid for by the Committee to Elect Richard Gard

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