Celebrate the holidays in comfort and style – “Alisha’s Picks” takes the guess-work out of interior design

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    Hey everybody! Shane here, from Gamble’s in Lander.

    ‘Tis the season for wish lists and letters to Santa, hot cocoa and time with family. I’m sure I’ll also have a sale…’cause you know, that’s how I roll. But that’s not all we do here. My wife Alisha is a huge part of our business, but she likes to stay in the background. She’s the heart here, unfortunately for you, I’m the face 🙂

    And Alisha’s got style. Me, I’m about jeans and t-shirts, but Alisha is all “throw pillows and shams”…whatever a sham is…

    So today, I’d like to announce the launch of “Alisha’s Picks.” Gamble’s is taking the guess work out of creating a functional, comfortable family space for the holidays and beyond by sharing with you a little flare and a little taste of Alisha’s style. We’ll roll out new “Picks” with the months and seasons and share a little bit of who we are – when I’m not making a goofball of myself in a County 10 ad!

    Alisha has been hard at work picking out furniture and decorating for Christmas. This is all for you, our loyal customer, to show  you what a well put-together room can look like. We’ve given it a homey feel with decor from local Lander businesses and brought in a little bit of our family tradition. The tree is lit and the space is just waiting for you! Peer in the snow-covered windows or come on in and try it out for yourself. Both displays are right up front as you walk in the door.

    The space is rustic with good ol’ Christmas traditions and family comfort. From the living room to the dining area, every element makes you feel right at home.

    Kick-off your shoes and cuddle up with a warm blanket by the fire.

    This space offers the dream of a holiday free of electronics and valuable time spent with family and friends.

    The upholstered furniture is by England which is a division of La-Z-Boy and is available in 400 different fabrics and 20 different types of leather. Made in the USA! The fireplace is made by Sunny Design.

    All pieces can be ordered in with your choice of frame, fabric and pillows.  From order to receive date is only 35 days!

    View Gallery slider for more pictures of the entire set.

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    The dining area offers comfortable farm-house charm in a merry setting. The table is set and ready for your family’s Christmas feast. The buffet and server provide ample space for displaying that Christmas Village or making cocoa with the family.

    The dining room set is by Coaster Company of America.

    Order in whatever you’d like! It is an import so it takes about 3-4 weeks to get the product in. They have over a hundred different tables and buffets to chose from.

    View Gallery slider for more pictures of the entire set.

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    Every few months, Alisha will refresh the display always with a different theme and feel. Follow us on social media for teasers and fun tidbits from Alisha as she guides you through this experience.



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