Casper middle school getting outside review after fight left 7th-grader with concussion

Natrona County school officials are meeting with an attorney to review their handling of a bullying incident in October.

According to the Casper Star Tribune, attorney Craig Silva is looking into a situation in which two students were suspended for fighting, including a girl that was injured with a concussion. Two other participants received a lesser punishment from the school.


An altercation on a school bus apparently turned into an off-bus fight. Some of the altercation was captured on a school bus video.

Not captured on video, however, were claims that the injured girl’s mother is making. According to the mother, three girls pinned her daughter against a fence and beat her after the bus incident, leaving her with a concussion.

The 7th-grade girls involved disagreed with the mother’s claim.

At this point, Casper school officials said there is no evidence to support that claim, but they’re looking into the matter.

More details on this story can be found here. 


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