Special district candidate filings roundup; new Shoshoni district filings still open

County 10 Photo - Kinnear Fire Hall Vote Center

The 2020 general election candidate filings wrapped up on August 24th at 5:00 pm. With the exception of the new district, Shoshoni Senior Citizen District Director. According to the Fremont County Election Office that will close on Friday, August 28th.

The names are listed in alphabetical order according to the Fremont County Election Office list. The most recent candidate filings are in bold.

Cemetery Districts:

  • Dubois Cemetery District – Director: Stephen Banks, Hugh Boyd Livingston, Lynn Stewart
  • Mountain View Cemetery District – Director: Michael Gard, Michael Martin, Dennis Tippets
  • Shoshoni-Lysite Cemetery District – Director: Cheryl Hood, Shirley Johnson, Melinda McKee

Conservation Districts:

  • Dubois/Crowheart Conservation District – Rural Supervisor: Todd Hirsch, Reg Phillips
  • Lower Wind River Conservation District – Rural Supervisor: Richard Denke, Rod Rivers
  • Popo Agie Conservation District – At Large Supervisor: Justin Loyka, Brandon Reynolds
  • Popo Agie Conservation District – Urban Supervisor: Arien Landcaster

Fire Districts:

  • Dubois Fire District – Subdistrict 1 Director: Larry Wilke
  • Dubois Fire District – Subdistrict 2 Director: Joel Jensen, Peter Wendell
  • Dubois Fire District – Subdistrict 4 Director: Reg Phillips
  • Fremont Fire District – Director: James Downing
  • Jeffrey City Fire District – Director: Rex Kelson

Fremont County Commissioner (Write-in filings from primary election):

  • District 5: Polly Hinds (Democrat), Travis Gary Barney (Unaffiliated), Bob Townsend (Unaffiliated)

Lander City Council (Write-in filings from primary election):

  • Ward 1: Kathleen Averill

Pavillion Town Council (Write-in filings from primary election):

Mayor (2-YR Unexpired Term)

  • Lester Emerson

Town Council (4 Year Term)

  • Charles Barrett

Town Council (2 Year Term)

  • Robert Blowers

Shoshoni Senior Citizens Service District (candidate filings close on 8/28):

  • Ken Cundall
  • Mary Lou Fullerton
  • Joan Geis
  • David Manchester
  • Kathy McCoy
  • Jay Merritt
  • Scott Peters
  • Doris Reinert
  • Hazel Schaefer

You can find the complete list of school board candidates across Fremont County by clicking here.