California homicide suspect arrested in Wyoming

Riverside, California Police Department

The Wyoming Highway Patrol arrested a California man who was wanted for murder Thursday. Jose Luis Torres Garcia is accused of killing three people in a Perris, California cemetery earlier this month.

According to a release on February 17th from the Riverside, California Sheriff’s Department, Garcia knew all three victims, a 50-year-old man, 38-year-old man, and 28-year-old man. Authorities believed there was a verbal disagreement before he killed all three. The initial release from the Sheriff’s Department, however, did not state how the three individuals died.


The 33-year-old, Garcia was arrested on a felony warrant by the Wyoming Highway Patrol (WHP) on Thursday, February 27th.

Troopers had been alerted to be on the lookout for Garcia’s GMC Yukon Thursday. WHP located the vehicle on Interstate 80, just east of Cheyenne.

Garcia was arrested and authorities also discovered 15 pounds of marijuana inside of the vehicle. He will be temporarily held in Cheyenne before being transferred back to Southern California.