Buy a pint, support a charity; County 10 launches the “10 Tap”

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    Hey 10’rs! It’s Will again, Owner and General Manager here at County 10.

    I hope you’re all staying warm out there. That first cold snap of the season is never all THAT cold, but it sure feels like it.


    Speaking of cold, you know what else is cold? Beer. 

    Many of us love to responsibly enjoy a cold beer with friends. There are some great places in Fremont County to enjoy a good beer and many of those places carry Wyoming brews – some even made right here in Fremont County by Lander Brewing Company.

    What else do we 10’rs enjoy? Helping those around us. Our communities continue to give and support so many organizations and causes. Whether it’s fundraisers, donations, awareness or volunteerism, Fremont County turns out.

    So over here at County 10, we got to thinking…why not combine them? Why not bring people together to help others in a new way? A way that doesn’t take away from other efforts and events, doesn’t necessarily cost us more AND supports local businesses at the same time. It’s a classic win-win for Fremont County. 


    It sounded like a great idea, so we found a couple of partners and did it. Thus was born the “10 Tap.” 

    The 10 Tap is another piece in County 10’s broader #activate10 initiative. #activate10 seeks to promote positive action in our communities. It’s about communication, information sharing, events, fundraisers, do-good organizations and messages. It’s about our friends and neighbors and it’s about coming together. 

    So to that end…Starting TONIGHT, Friday October 11th you can head down to the Rusty Truck in Riverton to grab a pint from the “10 Tap” and when you do $.50 will go to a local charity. 


    This month, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, $.50 per pint from the 10 Tap at the Rusty Truck will go to the Tough Enough to Help Cancer Fund. More on them below!

    The location and charity will rotate at least monthly. Next month you’ll be able to get the 10 Tap brew in Riverton at Bar 10 and in Lander at the Lander Bar. The charity will be announced at a future date, but just like this month $.50 per pint will go to a cause in our community.


    So if you’re looking for something cold to go with those cold toes, head to Rusty Truck this month and grab whatever’s on the 10 Tap. And a burger. Or a pizza. Or just check out their menu!

    The Rusty Truck is located at 400 N. Federal Blvd in Riverton.

    Special Thanks to the Rusty Truck, Bar 10, Lander Brewing Company, the Lander Bar and the Cowfish for teaming up with us here at County 10 to bring this #activate10 project to life! And from all of us:

    Please enjoy the 10 Tap responsibly. Plan ahead and get a designated driver.

    About The Tough Enough to Help Cancer Fund
    Tough Enough to Help Cancer Fund is for Fremont County residents who are in active treatment for Invasive cancer. Up to $800 is available for household expenses and/or travel in a 12 month period. Obtain an application from Help for Health. Donations go directly to assist residents of Fremont County through the Tough Enough to Help Cancer Fund. You might recognize the Tough Enough name from the Tough Enough to Wear Pink Rodeo at the Fremont County Fair where attendees can purchase pink attire and bid on the chaps and chinks that are hand-made by a local merchant specifically for the Tough Enough fundraiser.

     See all you 10’rs at the Rusty Truck this month! 


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