Business Council partners with distillers to make, distribute hand sanitizer

h/t Wyoming Business Council

The Wyoming Business Council Board of Directors on Tuesday approved a federal grant request for up to $250,000 that will offset and reimburse Wyoming distilleries for costs associated with the manufacture and distribution of free hand sanitizer for first responders and health providers statewide.

The board approved a Community Development Block Grant Imminent Threat Funds request by the Town of MillsThe grant will be used to purchase bulk supplies for participating distilleries that are manufacturing and distributing hand sanitizer to local incident management teams in any Wyoming county that requests it at no cost and as supplies are available. Project participants are coordinating with county health officers for distribution.


“We are pleased to play a role in bringing the public sector and private industry together to support the work of our state’s frontline responders and healthcare professionals in managing this unprecedented public health crisis,” said Josh Dorrell, Business Council CEO. “This grant money, paired with the grit and ingenuity of our Wyoming companies, is sure to make an impact on this COVID-19 fight.”

The hand sanitizer produced by this initiative follows the World Health Organization and the Federal Drug Administration guidelinesIt is an extra-strong formula that is meant to be distributed by county emergency management teams to EMS, fire, police and hospitals or clinics.

Other Wyoming distilleries are manufacturing and selling hand sanitizer, but this grant only funds product that will be given for free to Wyoming counties for local distributionThe grant does not fund companies that are making and selling hand sanitizer for retail or profit. 

“We are honored to play a role in producing sanitizer for Wyoming, said Chas Marsh with Jackson Hole Still Works, a partnering distillery. The teamwork of the Wyoming distillers involved in the project has been nothing short of amazing, and we are excited to get more product to our frontline responders. They are acting as our defense between the virus and the great people of Wyomingand they are all heroes.”

Fremont County responders received hand sanitizer from Chas last week. Check out that earlier post by clicking here.