Bunk’s BBQ Wins Best in the 10 Margarita Contest!

    We are thrilled to announce that Bunk’s BBQ in Riverton has emerged as the undisputed champion in the highly anticipated Best in the 10 Margarita Contest! With an impressive total of 1,171 votes cast by margarita enthusiasts, Bunk’s BBQ secured an astounding 426 votes, claiming the well-deserved victory.

    Sponsored by Tequila Comisario, this exciting event showcased the creativity and skill of bartenders across Fremont County as they crafted their signature margaritas. Heather Dwinnell, Bunk’s BBQ bartender, created a spicy mango jalapeno margarita that combined the perfect blend of sweet and spicy. Owner James Bunker said the margaritas have been a best selling item.

    Cheers to Bunk’s BBQ and their award-winning Spicy Mango Jalapeno Margarita! Make sure to visit Bunk’s, enjoy some delicious BBQ and indulge in this award winning cocktail. Let’s raise our glasses to their victory and toast to the wonderful world of margaritas!


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