Bringing Yellowstone to Riverton

Riverton seventh-grade students take an annual trip to Yellowstone as part of their science curriculum. When the COVID 19 pandemic canceled the trip last year, Riverton Middle School science teachers Phil Orbell and Christina Bekken came up with a plan to bring Yellowstone to Riverton.

The result is a series of interactive presentations held primarily on the east side of Riverton Middle School.

Kaden Anderson and Derean Thornley held a session on horse packing in Yellowstone. {h/t Randy Tucker|

Outdoor advocates from a variety of backgrounds set up demonstrations that the seventh-grade students worked through in small groups.

CWC instructor Kyle Trumble had students play a magnetism game. {h/t Randy Tucker|

The National Outdoor Leadership School offered a session on backcountry medicine. CWC professor Kyle Trumble conducted an interactive study of geology, and Wyoming Game and Fish biologist David Thompson brought pelts, skulls, and claws for a presentation on large carnivores.

National Outdoor Leadership instructors taught a session on back country medicine. {h/t Randy Tucker|

Other presenters offering entertaining lessons were Tiana Wagon with native traditions in Yellowstone, Tiffany Link organizing outdoor games including bear, salmon, and mosquito, and a session with a pair of pack horses held by Kaden Sanderson and Derean Thornley on what you can bring in and what you should bring out Yellowstone on a pack trip.

Two Riverton seventh grade students practiced splinting a broken arm. {h/t Randy Tucker|

Alan Sinner held a session indoors on photography and another popular attraction was a study in erosion and runoff with a water table held by Tyler Larson and Andrew Dayton.

Tiana Wagon discussed Native traditions in Yellowstone. {h/t Randy Tucker|

The weather was perfect on Friday morning for the annual event.

Andrew Dayton added sand to a water table. {h/t Randy Tucker|

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