Brandt Tobler: Let’s have laughs and some tacos in Lander this weekend

    Cheyenne, Wyoming native Brandt Tobler still very much considers himself a Wyoming-comedian, but don’t let that fool you about his success.

    Tobler has played some of the largest stages across the country, including big time comedy clubs in LA, Vegas, and Denver. He’s opened for some of the world’s most popular comedians, and is a regular headliner at many venues.

    Now, he’s coming to County 10. Brandt is playing a show in Lander on Saturday, August 24th at The Forge Bar & Grill.


    “It should be a night of a lot of fun,” Tobler said on the County 10 Podcast. “I tell a lot of stories that are unique to Wyoming, I always like coming home and telling stories.”

    Tobler described his comedy as, “not super clean, but not super dirty” either.

    “If you’re looking to drink beer and have fun, that’s my audience. If you’re looking to write a Yelp review and get mad at the venue or e-mail me, let’s just not do that,” he said.

    Local comedians Vince Tropea and Ron Howard will open the show that begins at 7:00 p.m.


    Tobler chats about his comedy, influences from growing up in Wyoming, plus he talks a little football with us on the County 10 Podcast this week.

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    Warning some not safe for work content in these:




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