Boysen State Park treasure hunt begins today

    Read the story to figure out which locations have clues, obtain the clues, and the hunt begins. Can’t wait to see you all out in the park! 


    • Will not be hidden on any private property
    • Will not require any digging or destruction of property
    • Will NOT be on, next to, or near a railroad track
    • Will NOT be underwater
    • Will NOT be off a two track road

    Once found, bring all of the clues from the businesses as well as the treasure box to Boysen State Park Headquarters ( 120 Boysen Dr, Shoshoni WY 82649 )




    Thermopolis is a hot spot due to both the water, and the businesses that reside there. One of the first parts of finding treasures is having the right tools to do so, what is better than a visit to the Thermopolis Hardware. A fifty dollar gift-card will fulfill those needs. Not even a Day later, the bandits sought out the Kirby Creek Mercantile. A fishing lure and some Wyoming Cowboy Merch were taken, but before fleeing the scene their bellies were filled with delights such as sandwiches, crepes, and gelato. What’s better than a little adventure after a hearty lunch? Kayaks and paddleboards were rented, with no intent of return, but a fifty dollar gift card was stolen, all just to spend a relaxing afternoon on the river before the evening arrived. With the evening came a wild night of adventures and spøils within the small town of Kirby. Barrels are hard to fit in a minivan but to their avail, the bandits were able to capture items from the Wyoming Whiskey gift shop!  Yes, the Bandits are known to be escapading in a minivan, not the white horses you see in the westerns, it is 2022 for goodness sake. Speaking of White Horses, they have some awesome gift cards that the bandits took full advantage of. The night was long but the morning came too quickly. Running on minimal sleep the bandits had to find a wake-up, there was more treasure to find and minimal time to find it. The Bandits took their loaded minivan through a drive-thru to obtain coffee. Realizing that Dairyland also had T-shirts and tumblers, they held up the business till they gave them what they wanted. The bandits knew law enforcement was hot on their trail after their escapades up North so they decided to head South. After their wild time in Thermopolis, the Bandits found their way through the infamous Wind River Canyon and continued south to Shoshoni. They took their time in the canyon, hoping to catch a sunset over Boysen Reservoir, but in doing so they realized the day was coming to a close and they were tired. Continuing South and getting into town, the Bandits found themselves in a situation due to there being no motels, but due to the nature of their Minivan, they were able to catch a free night’s stay at the Crossroads RV Park. Realizing they would benefit from getting some new bed rolls, they made their way to Riverton, into Rocky Mountain Discount Sports, but they quickly realized the bed rolls were too high up so they snuck off with a fifty-dollar gift card. Their life in the Fast Lane running from the authorities had tired them and they were looking for some snacks to soothe their aching stomachs. After hearing about their incredible stuffed burgers at the Boysen Marina, they headed back North, still hoping to evade the law. The fifty dollar lunch for two, filled the Bandits up. The rangers at Boysen State Park had heard rumors that the bandits had found their way onto the park, but not without the Bandits knowing they were hot on their trail first. Quick planning was done and the Bandits took off and hid their spoils in hopes of returning to them once off the trail of the law, but they were never able to return. The Boysen State Park Rangers were quick and detained the Bandits, after a thorough search, there was no treasure to be found nor were the Bandits giving up the treasure’s location anytime soon. 


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