Bott Monument of Riverton launches new business

    Bott Monument in Riverton is nationally recognized for their craftsmanship and care for families and individuals. Those who want a unique tribute always choose Bott Monument and now, beginning October 10th, Bott Monument will offer caskets direct to the public at a substantial discount! Bott Monument will now be called Bott Monument & Casket.

    Experience has taught the Bott family that there are changes that need to be made in the death care industry. One complaint they often hear from customers is the very high cost of funerals, especially the cost of caskets.

    Until now, family members had one option for purchasing a casket: the funeral home. With little to no competition, funeral homes could charge whatever they wanted and families simply had to bite the bullet. But not anymore!


    Through Bott Monument & Casket, families will be able to purchase an 18 gauge casket of superior quality for $2,600! That’s almost a 50% reduction in the average funeral home cost for the exact same casket. “Our new casket service is a way to help the public,” explained Drew Bott, Owner. “We feel that competition is a beautiful thing because it keeps costs where they need/should be.”

    In addition to the thousands of dollars families will be saving on a casket, Bott Monument & Casket will also offer a minimum of 15% off any monument to anyone who purchases a casket from them AND the price includes free delivery. Those who want to save more money can arrange to pick up the casket from Bott Monument & Casket and receive an additional discount!

    Bott Monument has been serving Wyoming residents longer than Coca Cola has been produced (seriously!). When asked where they see Bott Monument & Casket in the future, Drew said their goal is to “expand across the state within 4 years, working our way up towards Billings. We couldn’t find another monument company in the country that has done this. Once the word gets out, we think there will be a huge demand!”


    Bott Monument & Casket has an indoor showroom and over 50 caskets in stock. The public can choose from 18-gauge metal, copper, solid Alder wood (made right here in the West) or, for those choosing cremation, a simple cremation casket.

    To learn more about Bott Monument & Casket, please visit
    3425 W Main St, Riverton, Wyoming 82501 | 307-856-3719 | Facebook

    Photo credit: Matt Wright

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