Bornhoft, Jensen, Kiser, Trembly win gold at Greybull – Wrangler girls team champions

    The Shoshoni girls took the title at the Greybull Memorial Wrestling tournament last weekend in a close battle with Lovell and Wind River behind a first place finish by Abriana Kiser at 145 pounds, and a pair of second place finishes.

    Brueklyn Truempler and Lacoda Kiser were runner-up at 125 and 140 pounds respectively.

    Naomie Johnson of Dubois worked a Tongue River wrestler – {h/t Adria Trembly}

    The Wranglers won the tournament with 58 followed by Lovell and Wind River with 52 and 50 points each.


    The girls’ brackets were compressed with combined weight classes to field more complete brackets in the tournament.

    Wind River placed three girls led by AnnaBeth Bornhoft, the champion at 115 pounds. Lily Hill was second at 105 pounds, with Cora Remacle and Maggie Jensen third at 105 and 140 pounds.

    Wyatt Trembly tied up a Moorcroft wrestler – {h/t Adria Trembly}

    Lander placed two girls in Jordan Nielsen and Emily Skiba. Nielson was third at 125, and Skiba fourth at 115.

    Naomi Johnson of Dubois finished fourth at 125 pounds.

    Wind River’s KC Gibson shot a takedown – {h/t Kellie Jo Allison / Wyopreps}

    For the boys it was the familiar duo of Wyatt Trembly of Dubois and Tucker Jensen of Wind River finishing with gold medals.

    Trembly rolled through the 170 pound bracket to a technical fall in the championship and Jensen moved up a weight class from 220 to 285 pounds. He won the heavyweight title match with a 4-1 decision over James Love of Lovell.

    Wyoming Indian’s Aven Posey worked from the top {h/t Kellie Jo Allison / Wyopreps}

    The Class 2-A west got a taste of powerhouse Moorcroft with the Wolves running away with the team title at 269 points, Wind River was a distant second with 156.5.


    Greybull Memorial Invitational

    Girls team scores: 1. Shoshoni 58, 2. Lovell 52, 3. Wind River 50, 4. Powell 38, 5. Wright 28, 6. Moorcroft 26, 7. Lander 24, 8. Thermopolis 18, 9. Dubois 10, 10. Greybull-Riverside,Cody, Rocky Mountain, Tongue River, Wyoming Indian 0

    Wyoming Indian’s Jordan Black worked to escape {h/t Kellie Jo Allison / Wyopreps}

    Girls individual results:


    105: 1. Charlotte Blair, LOV, 2. Lily Hill, WR, 3. Cora Remacle, WR

                Championship match – Charlotte Blair, LOV over Lily Hill, WR Fall 2:46

                Third place match – Cora Remacle, WR over Kylie Benim, WRI Fall 3:37

    115: 1. AnnaBeth Bornhoft, WR, 4. Emily Skiba, LAN

    Championship match – AnnaBeth Bornhoft, WR over Rebekah Anderson, MOOR Fall 4:45

                Third place match – Allison LeBlanc, POW over Emily Skiba, LAN Fall 1:42

    125: 1. Yessenia Teague, POW, 2. Brueklyn Truempler, SHO, 3. Jordan Nielson, LAN, 4. Naomie

     Johnson, Dub

                Championship match – Yessenia Teague, POW over Brueklyn Truempler, SHO Fall 1:41

                Third place match – Jordan Nielsen, LAN over Naomie Johnson, DUB Fall 1:46

    140: 1. Danika Crumrine, LOV, 2. Lacoda Kiser, SHO, 3. Maggie Jensen, WR

                Championship match – Danika Crumrine, LOV over Lacoda Kiser, SHO Fall 4:24

                Third place match – Maggie Jensen, WR over Chloe King, WRI Fall 4:44

    145: 1. Abriana Kiser, SHO

                Championship match – Abriana Kiser, SHO over Shelby Smith, WRI Fall 3:48

    170: 1. Avery Lane, LOV

    235: 1. Kaitlin Barral, THM

    Boys Team Scores: 1. Moorcroft 269, 2. Wind River 156.5, 3. Wright 124.5, 4. Thermopolis 121.5, 5. Lovell 115, 6. Shoshoni 97, 7. Powell 93, 8. Greybull-Riverside 91, 9. Lander 75, 10. Dubois 70.5, 11. Tongue River 68, 12. Cody 60.5, 13. Wyoming Indian 29, 14. Rocky Mountain 26

    Shoshoni’s Justice Miller – {h/t Kellie Jo Allison / Wyopreps}

    Boys Individual Results:

    106: 1. Dayne Humes, MOOR, 2. Landon Rhyne, WR, 3. Sammie Cyrus, DUB

                Championship match – Dayne Humes, MOOR over Landon Rhyne, WR MD 9-0

                Third place match – Sammie Cyrus, DUB over Kade Haynes, MOOR MD 11-2

    113: 1. Ethan Tarango, SHO, 4. Kolton Bonenberg, LAN, 5. Cale Pfisterer, WR

                Championship match – Ethan Tarango, SHO over Chevy Hill, POW Fall 1:28

                Third place match – Zayden Stahl, LOV over Kolton Bonenberg, LAN Fall :44

                Fifth place match –  Cale Pfisterer, WR over Weston Haskell, MOOR TF 15-0

    120: 1. Wyitt Knight, WRI, 6.Nicky Knigge, SHO

                Fifth place match – Shane Hannah, MOOR over Nicky Knigge, SHO Fall 2:52

    126: 1. Will Ward, THM, 3. Aidan Ruby, WR, 4. Aidan Miller, WI, 6. Landon Jones, LAN

                Third place match – Aidan Ruby, WR over Aidan Miller, WI Dec 9-5

                Fifth place match – Wyatt Pennington, MOOR over Landon Jones, LAN Dec 5-0

    132: 1. Pace Garrett, WRI, 2. KC Gibson, WR

                Championship match – Pace Garrett, WRI over KC Gibson, WR Dec 8-5

    138: 1. Richie Allison, MOOR, 6. Kaleb Gleim, DUB

                Fifth place match – Chase Visocky, POW over Kaleb Gleim, DUB Fall 2:11

    145: 1. Trenton Sheehan, MOOR, 5. Charles Snyder, LAN

                Fifth place match – Charles Snyder, LAN over Aaron Trotter, COD MD 12-0

    152: 1. Chris Boardman, MOOR, 5. Siler Hess, DUB

                Fifth place match – Siler Hess, DUB over Marcus James, MOOR Fall 4:18

    160: 1. Roedy Farrell, THM, 4. Isaac Gardner, WR

                Third place match – Braizyn Humpal, MOOR, over Isaac Gardner, WR 11-2

    170: 1. Wyatt Trembly, DUB, 5. Gabe Harris, LAN

                Championship match – Wyatt Trembly, DUB over James Long, MOOR TF 15-0

                Fifth place match – Gabe Harris, LAN over Lucas Loran, COD TF 16-0

    182: 1. Wyatt Allred, MOOR, 2. Julian Cabello, SHO, 4. Blake Snyder, WR

                Championship match – Wyatt Allred, MOOR over Julian Cabello, SHO Dec 8-5      

                Third place match – Tadlee Isenberg, WRI over Blake Snyder, WR Fall 3:48

    195: 1. Dane Connally, MOOR, 2. Kaden Jones, WR, 6. Wyatt Eadus, SHO

                Championship match – Dane Connally, MOOR over Kaden Jones, WR Fall 4:53

                Fifth place match – Curtis Miller, LOV over Wyatt Eadus, SHO Fall :52

    220: 1. Zane Collins, LOV, 6. Jaden Realbird, WI

                Fifth place match – Jacob Eaton, POW over Jaden Realbird, WI Fall :56

    285: 1. Tucker Jensen, WR , 3. Kellen Linnan, SHO, 6. Roland Burton, WI

                Championship match – Tucker Jensen, WR over James Love, LOV Dec 4-1 

                Fifth place match – Zain Younas, POW, over Roland Burton, WI Fall 4:18


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