Books, bikes, strolls, and S.T.E.A.M hit the spotlight for LCF’s C4C

    Lander Community Foundation’s 10-for-10 Celebration is presented by Wyoming Community Bank – Your Hometown Bank with Hometown Pride.

    Join these nonprofits for the week of August 8 – 15 for LCF’s 10-for-10

    We are proud to introduce 4 Lander nonprofits for the week of August 8 – 15. They are Lander Library Friends Association, Lander Children’s Museum, Lander Nordic Ski Association, and the Lander Cycling Club.


    h/t LCF

    Lander Library Friends Association’s purpose is to advocate and provide program and financial support to the library to strengthen its resources and services to the community. They do this through a myriad of ways for folks from birth to 99 years.

    For LCF’s 10-for-10: Celebrating 10 Years of C4C, will be having a Book Fair in the Carnegie Room at the Lander Library on Friday, August 14th from 12 – 5 pm. The Library staff will be providing some outdoor activities as well as a lemonade stand. These “lemonade girls” came up with the idea to have a lemonade stand at our last book fair to raise money for the library. They got matching funds from 3 businesses in town and made over $1,200! At this book fair, we will be taking donations that will go directly to the C4C match! 

    h/t LCF


    h/t LCF

    The Lander Children’s Museum has implemented a S.T.E.A.M. Check-Out Program!

    Our Science-Technology-Engineering-Arts-Mathematics—S.T.E.A.M.— Check-out Program allows families to enjoy some of the benefits of the Lander Children’s Museum in your own home. Families without a membership will have a number of kits to choose from for a $15 rental fee. Families with a membership will have even more choices and there is no cost to check out a kit. Go here to check out your kit today!

    h/t LCF


    h/t LCF

    Lander Nordic Ski Association (LNSA) provides Nordic ski trails on the Lander golf course and at Beaver Creek Nordic Ski Area (on Hwy 28). 

    On Saturday, August 8 from 10 am – 1 pm, the LNSA welcomes you to explore the BCNSA trails on foot— so much easier than skiing!— to Taste the Trails! You must register in advance online preferably by midnight Friday. Taste stations with samples of homemade treats will be set up at various trail intersections. Stroll along at your pace to as many or as few stations as you care to visit. This is a family-friendly event. Trails are wide (appx 12 feet) and easily covered on foot. 

    Get your tickets here today! Tickets are limited!

    h/t LCF


    The Lander Cycling Club is hosting two big events this month which are the Fremont Area Road Tour Joy of Cycling Challenge and the Jurassic Classic Mountain Bike Festival.

    The mission of the Lander Cycling Club is to promote all types of bicycling and encourage the benefits of cycling and develop and improve local cycling opportunities. Our club motto is “Sharing the Joy of Cycling with the Community” which we think is really fun and encapsulates our attitude towards bettering the community through bikes.

    This year we transitioned the Fremont Area Road Tour (FART) from a group ride in June to a month-long challenge in August where people ride their bikes and then upload their miles onto the website. We’re only a few days in and people have collectively already logged over 5,000 miles! This is such a cool way for riders to inspire each other and get out and do this incredibly healthy sport. Learn more at

    h/t LCF

    The Jurassic Classic Mountain Bike Festival is in its 4th year and is taking place from August 21 through 23. The festival is a weekend-long celebration of Lander mountain biking and the amazing trails we’ve been building for the last 10 years. We’ll be having group rides, clinics, bike shuttles, a film, trail building, and more! Check it out at

    Donate to LCF’s 10th Year of C4C through September 15 and your donation will be matched!

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