Bookmarked Literary Arts Festival: Local & Statewide Author Readings

Discover your next favorite author, right next door! Bookmarked writers present their works live throughout the festival at the Lander Library. Readings include poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. Check out our many participating writers below!

Fiction Readings: Sept. 17, 9-12 p.m.

Mandie Hines: A Reading with Mandie Hines


Bernadette Holmes:  Pollinated by a Falling Star

Cheryl Fallin: Shattered

Tam DeRudder Jackson: A Reading with Tam 

Alma Law: Lander Lingerer


KJ Gillenwater: Revenge Honeymoon

Ami Vincent: Vous etes jolies

Tannar Miller: Short Fiction with Tannar Miller


Sarah Reilley: A Reading with Sarah

Sage Huggins: A Young Fool

Jeanette Woodward: A Super Story


Ted Judson: A Reading with Ted Judson

Non-fiction Readings: Sept. 17, 3-4:15 p.m.

Clark McCauley: What Can We Do as Individuals to Build Resilience Against Radicalization and Extremism? 

Becki Neidens: At Home in the Wild

Nick Thornburg: A Reading with Visual Artist and Writer Nick Thornburg

Sarah Reilley: A Reading with Sarah

Tina Welling: Tuesdays in Jail: What I Learned Teaching Journaling to Inmates

Kelly Dehnert: In the Fire: Serving Under a Toxic Leader

Poetry Readings: Sept. 18, 9:30-12 p.m.

Matt Daly: A manuscript-in-progress reading with Matt Daly

Echo Klaporoth: Finding Pasture

Myra L. Peak: For the Love of Coal

Barbara Smith: Putting a Name on It

Carol Deering: Poetry of Biography

Lori Howe: Ocean, Ocean: Cadralore and Other Poems

Natalie “Callum” Ryback:  A Poetry Reading with Natalie “Callum” Ryback

Betsy Berndfeld: The Cathedral Is Burning

KK King: Lyrics Are Poetry

Claire Cella: A Reading with Claire

Nanette Langston: The Labyrinth Amongst Other Collected Poems 

Mandie Hines: A Reading with Mandie Hines

For more information about each author or about the events check out or stop by the Lander Library!

This program is sponsored in part by the LOR Foundation & the Lander Chamber of Commerce. 


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