Blue Sky Hall and Great Plains Hall are undergoing renovations

Blue Sky Hall in Ethete and Great Plains Hall in Arapahoe are both getting renovations to better hold events such as ceremonies, birthdays, and powwows according to the Northern Arapaho Newsletter. 

Ryan Ortiz, Northern Arapaho’s CFO, will be the project’s construction manager and he says the goal is to have the halls be 99% asbestos-free. 

“Everything is being stripped down, taken out and replaced with new finishes and upgrades,” he said. 


The halls qualify for American Rescue Plan Funds to help with renovations because both halls are designated FEMA Command Centers. 

The renovations are slated to be finished by March 2022 and the halls are to be opened by April 1st 2022. 

Here is a link to the original newsletter. 


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