BLM Wyoming releases decision on pipeline corridor initiative

(Cheyenne, WY) – The Bureau of Land Management has completed its environmental review and released the Record of Decision for the Wyoming Pipeline Corridor Initiative, a proposal from the State of Wyoming that designates pipeline corridors in Wyoming.  

The January 19th decision neither analyzes nor authorizes any pipeline development or construction, rather it amends several Resource Management Plans to identify a pipeline corridor network.

If and when a proponent submits a proposal to actually construct a pipeline within the corridor, the BLM would then do site-specific environmental analysis with further opportunity for public involvement.  


The initiative designates almost 2,000 miles of corridors across private, state, and BLM-managed lands in Wyoming for potential pipeline development associated with carbon capture, utilization, and storage, as well as pipelines and facilities associated with enhanced oil recovery.

The BLM’s decision only applies to 1,111 miles located on public lands managed by the agency.  

Information on the project and links to all the project documents can be found on the project’s ePlanning site at  

For more information on the project, contact Mike Valle, Branch Chief, Minerals and Lands at 307-775-6049. 


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