Big Field at Wrangler Duals

The annual Wrangler Duals were held on Saturday with four mats covering the floor in the main and auxiliary gyms at Shoshoni High School

Abriana Kiser of Shoshoni pulled in a Lovell wrestler for the pin – {h/t Randy Tucker}

Big Piney, Rocky Mountain, Saratoga, Lovell, Greybull Riverside, Wind River, and Wyoming Indian joined host Shoshoni in a day-long event with very few breaks.

AnnaBeth Bornhoft wrestled at 120 pounds against a boy from Riverside – {h/t Randy Tucker}

The event had teams wrestling in two pools. Wind River finished second in their pool, and Shoshoni third in the other pool.

Ryker Roberts fought off a takedown at 126 pounds – {h/t Randy Tucker}

In dual tournaments, when a team score is tied, they use specific criteria to break the tie. That happened with Lovell tying Saratoga for first place in one pool. Lovell advanced by criteria to wrestle unbeaten Big Piney for the championship. Big Piney beat Lovell 51-30 for the title.

KC Gibson rolled with a Greybull Riverside wrestler at 132 pounds – {h/t Randy Tucker}

In the third-place match between Saratoga and Wind River, the Cougars handled the Panthers 42-33 to earn third place.

Wind River 138-pound wrestler Camron Wisecup worked from above – {h/t Randy Tucker}

Team matches in pool play, and Wind River’s third-place win over Saratoga are listed below:

Jaden Blackbird from Wyoming Indian got a little air time at 220 pounds – {h/t Randy Tucker}

Wind River 42- Saratoga 33


145: Camron Wisecup, WR Forfeit

152: Cooper Frederick WR over Slade Duley, SAR Fall 1:01

160: Kaden Sixberry, WR Forfeit


170: Silas VanHett, SAR over Isaac Gardner, WR Fall :56

182: Blake Snyder, WR Forfeit

195: Jordan Quden, SAR over Kaiden Jones, WR Fall 3:41


285: Tucker Jensen, WR over Lane Robinson, SAR Fall 2:22

Wyoming Indian 285-pound wrestler Ben Neido worked toward a pin – {h/t Randy Tucker}

106: Landon Rhyne, WR over Logan Crider, SAR Fall :28

113: Josiah Stockwell, SAR over Cale Phister, WR Fall :42

120: AnnaBeth Bornhoft, over Skyler Wood, SAR Fall :29

126: Ryker Roberts, WR over Tucker Carrico, SAR Fall :42

132: Allister Ingrahm, SAR over Aidan Ruby, WR Dec 6-0

138: Seth Stevens, SAR over KC Gibson, WR Fall 1:47

Wind River 160 pound wrestler Isaac Gardner worked from on top – {h/t Randy Tucker}

Wind River 63 – Wyoming Indian 12

106: Landon Rhyne, WR over Owen Posey, WI Fall 3:45

113: Cale Pfisterer, WR over Kolten Martinez, WR Dec 8-2

126: Kane Torres, WI over Ryker Roberts, WR Fall 2:00

132: KC Gibson, WR over Aidan Miller, WI Fall 1:58

138: Camron Wisecup, WR over Joey Wallowingbull, WI Fall :20

145: Holden Yates, WR Forfeit

152: Cooper Frederick, WR over Lorenzo Hooper, WI Fall :51

160: Isaac Gardner, WR Forfeit

Blake Snyder worked to free his arm at 182 pounds {h/t Randy Tucker}

170: Kaiden Sixberry, WR over Avery Posey, WI Fall 5:06

182: Blake Snyder, WR over James McCormick, WI Fall 1:10

195: Kaiden Jones, WR Forfeit

220: Tucker Jensen, WR over Jaden Blackbird, WI Fall :31

285: Ben Neido, WI over Keegan McKee, WR Fall 1:20

Kaiden Jones fought to keep his opponent at 195 pounds on the mat – {h/t Randy Tucker}

Big Piney 44 – Wind River 30

113: Dominci Sanchez, BP over Phister Dec 8-0

120: Jackie Mendoza, BP over Bornhoft, WR Dec 9-0

126: Nate Brown, BP over Roberts, WR Fall 1:12

132: Ruby, WR over Judah Farrington, BP Fall

138: Gibson, WR over Rodda, BP Fall

145: Clifford, BP over Yates, WR Dec 10-3

Tucker Jensen overpowered his opponent at 220 pounds – {h/t Randy Tucker}

152: Forrestor, BP over Frederick, WR Fall

160: Jones, BP over Gardner, WR Dec 5-0

170: Smith BP, over Sixberry, WR Fall

182: Snyder, WR over Varella, BP Fall

195: Howard, BP over Jones, WR Fall

220: Jensen, WR over Murphy, BP Fall

285: Reed, BP over McKee, WR Fall

106: Rhyne, WR over Brown, BP fall

Landon Rhyne hooked his opponent at 106 pounds – {h/t Randy Tucker}

Wind River 54 – Worland 30

138: Gibson, WR over Loren Fincher, WOR Fall 2:20

145: Yates, WR over Lucas Ramirez, WOR Fall 1:44

152: Frederick, WR over Ethan Dickinson, WOR Fall :57

160: Gardner, WR over Dan Vega, WOR Fall :45

170: Levi Fincher, WOR over Sixberry, WR Fall 3:55

182: Bryce Wolffinden, WOR over Snyder, WR Fall 2:50

195: Jones, WR Forfeit

220: Jensen, WR Forfeit

285: Ray Rice, WOR over McKee, WR Fall 1:45

Wind River 106-pound wrestler Landon Ryne completed a takedown – {h/t Randy Tucker}

106: Rhyne, WR over Alexander Tippits, WOR Fall 1:46

113: Pfisterer, WR over Jacob Jewell, WOR Fall 1:30

120: Bornhoft, WR over Kolby Wall, WOR Fall :52

126: Daniel Lasdorph, WOR over Roberts, WR Fall 3:55

132: Ruby, WR over Jaims Fernandez, WOR Fall 1:09

Greybull/Riverside 37 – Shoshoni 35

145: Kaden Sorenson, GR over Gabe Cornell, SHO Fall :54

152: Jakob Hampton, SHO over Steel Davis, GR Fall 2:15

160: Camden Shriner, GR over Warren Fletcher, SHO Fall 1:26

170: Jake Schlattman, GR over Kaden Bridger, SHO Fall 1:04

182: Ty Stroshine, GR over Sid Cabello, SHO Dec 3-0

220: Wyatt Eadus, SHO over Kevin, GR Fall :36

285: Kellen Linnan, SHO over Curtis, GR Fall :52

Wind River’s Logan Jensen fought off a pinning combination – {h/t Randy Tucker}

106: Branson Thompson, SHO over Troy, GR Technical Fall 16-1

113: Ethan Tarango, SHO Forfeit

120: Lois Alexander, GR over Tryzman Green, SHO 1:07

126: Caleb M, GR Forfeit

132: Reece W, GR over Justice Miller, SHO Dec 4-0

138: Wiley Phileo, SHO over Braxton E. GR Fall :31

Wind River’s Logan Jensen worked on top against a Greybull wrestler {h/t Randy Tucker}

Lovell 42 – Shoshoni 36

Saratoga 42 – Shoshoni 36

132: Allister Ingrahm, SAR over Wayne Todd, SHO Fall 1:10

138: Wiley Philleo, SHO over Seth Stephens, SAR Fall 1:02

145: Gabe Cornell, SHO Forfeit

152: Slade Duley, SAR over Jakob Hampton, SHO Fall 1:18

160: Warren Fletcher, SHO Forfeit

170: Silas VanHett, SAR over Kaden Bridger, SHO Fall 1:19

182: Julian Cabello, SHO Forfeit

220: Quade Jordan, SAR over Wyatt Eadus, SHO Fall 1:02

285: Kellan Linnan, SHO over Lane Robinson, SAR Fall 1:13

Branson Thompson of Shoshoni was able to escape this hold – {h/t Randy Tucker}

106: Branson Thompson, SHO over Logan Gardner, SAR Fall 1:03

113: Josiah Stockwell, SAR over Ethan Tarango, SHO Fall 1:11

120: Skyler Wood, SAR over Tryzman Green, SHO Fall :41

126: Tucker Carrico, SAR Forfeit

Lacoda Kiser of Shoshoni worked on top against Maggie Jensen of Wind River – {h/t Randy Tucker}

Shoshoni 52 – Rocky Mountain 30

138: Wiley Philleo, SHO over Quintin Hill, RMN Fall 1:38

145: Jordan B, RM over Gabe Cornell, SHO Fall :45

152: Jackson H, RM over Jakob Hampton, SHO Fall :44

160: Kyler W,RM over Warren Fletcher, SHO Fall 1:21

170: Kaden Bridger, SHO Forfeit

182: Julian Ceballo, SHO Forfeit

195: Hunter A, RM Forfeit

220: Wyatt Eadus, SHO Forfeit

285: Kellen Linnan, SHO over Roland, WI Fall 3:26

Branson Thompson worked to escape a Lovell wrestler at 106 pounds – {h/t Randy Tucker}

106: Branson Thompson, SHO over Pyami, RM Dec 4-0

113: Ethan Tarango, SHO Forfeit

120: Tryzman Green, SHO Forfeit

126: Triffen, RM over Nick, SHO    Fall 1:17

132: Wayne Todd, SHO over Thomas, RM Fall :36

Brueklyn Truempler tried to spin Krumrine from Lovell – {h/t Randy Tucker}

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