#aglife is a new County 10 series, brought to you by Wyoming Community Bank, that pulls the curtain back on farm and ranch life in Fremont County through images and stories.

There may be life off the ranch, but any Fremont County farmer or rancher will tell you – The #aglife is “the good life.”

Wyoming weather can be a bit unpredictable this time of year. I mean, tell us something WE DON’T KNOW! But for Fremont County #aglife, early Fall crazytown weather can be an especially big headache.

Some years, everything aligns and you can get a 3rd cutting from a hay field. And some years…not.

Sometimes you cut and then it snows and your hay is too wet to bale. Or it dries faster than you can get it up. Sometimes the quality is great, other times awful. And those ups and downs mean revenue – or no revenue.

That’s the gamble of the #aglife in Wyoming, and no one is lining up to trade it in.

Below a hay bale sits drying in a field off Dirt Rd north of Riverton. This field was just cut a few days ago, partially baled into the wee hours of the morning….

…then too much dew made it too wet…then the sun came out. You get the idea.

Start. Stop. Check. Wait. Check. Start again.

But better late than not at all.

h/t Monica Thoman

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