Behind the scenes with John Linton – Wyoming Community Bank Board of Directors

    With long-established roots in Fremont County, Wyoming Community Bank is more than experienced bankers. They are your partner, your neighbor, your friend. The people that work there are part of this community just like you and me. They care and it shows in the service they provide. John Linton is one of these people.

    John is a member of the Bank Board of Directors, and also a shareholder. The main purpose of a director is to monitor and govern the bank’s operations and to look after the interest of the bank’s shareholders. 

    “We have a fiduciary responsibility to our shareholders, customers, management and employees. As a director, we attend monthly board meetings and serve on various committees within the bank. In addition to general “oversight” of the bank’s operation, board members are asked to help with referrals of new bank customers, and to have a sound understanding of the communities that we serve here in Fremont County…….Riverton, Lander and Dubois market areas.”

    We took a moment to talk with John about his role on the board and what makes Wyoming Community Bank great.

    How did you end up on the bank’s board?

    In 1998, the only independent bank in Riverton was sold to a large national bank. Kent Shurtleff and several local business people recognized the county’s financial needs, and the opportunity to form a local community bank that would be owned and managed by people living in Fremont County. I was very fortunate to be included in that group, and 24 years later I’m still involved and excited about the bank’s future.

    What do you love about serving on the board?

    I think the best thing about serving on the bank board has been to watch the process evolve, and the growth of the bank. Banking is a unique industry, but it is also very similar to any other business. To be successful, it needs to offer a great product or service, it also has to be fair and competitive. The business must treat customers, management and employees with care and respect. If all of these things are done correctly, it can be a nice recipe for success. In my opinion, WCB has been a great success.

    Tell us about the Board of Directors.

    Currently, we have 15 members on our board of directors. All of our board members are also shareholders in the bank. Two of our members are bank executives, and the balance of us are from outside of the bank. It is an accomplished group of individuals, that come from a variety of backgrounds and business experiences. We all live and work in Fremont County.

    I serve on the marketing, governance and investment committees within the bank.

    Standing L to R: Richard Chenoweth, Kraig Florquist, Kent Shurtleff, Mary Margaret Stockton, Dean McKee, Tom Youtz, Dick Phillip, Scott Estep, Hans Hummel, Brad McPherson
    Seated L to R: John Linton, Bob Foster, Jared Kail, Scott Pettit, Corte McGuffey, Trevor Bekken

    How does the bank work with the Board of Directors?

    Communication between our executive management team and the bank board is very open and constructive. The various committees within the bank often times will meet once or twice a month, and then the entire board meets every month. The bank also utilizes the latest technology to communicate with members, within a secure email network, and remote video when needed.

    What are some major accomplishments you’ve seen since being involved with Wyoming Community Bank?

    I would have to say that the growth of the bank has been one of the accomplishments that stands out the most. Wyoming Community Bank now has brick & mortar full-service banks in Riverton, Lander and Dubois. Wyoming Community Finance is our consumer lending office, located on Main Street in Riverton.

    Wyoming Community Bank has also been very active in giving back to the communities in which we serve, both in volunteering time and financial support. We know as a community bank how important it is to give back to the communities that support us.

    Our management team and all of our employees are the folks that deserve the credit for where the bank is today….through hard work and dedication, they have made it happen!

    Also, I know that our entire organization would join me in saying a sincere “Thank You” to all of our loyal customers that have supported Wyoming Community Bank for the past two-plus decades. We do appreciate you!

    Wyoming Community Bank (WCB) is a great banking option because:

    • We are locally owned, we are not a “big box” bank
    • Our corporate office is located right here in Fremont County
    • Our bank is very quick on response time, all decisions are made locally
    • WCB utilizes the latest and up-to-date technology platforms
    • The bank’s loan portfolio is putting money back to work here in Fremont County
    • WCB is committed to operating in a financially sound manner and meeting the financial service needs of Fremont County

    John is a 1980 graduate of the University of Wyoming and has lived in Riverton for 42 years. He owned and operated Linton’s Big R Store from 1982 to 2019. He and his wife Tammy have been married for 33 years. Their two children were raised in Riverton and both graduated from RHS.

    John and Tammy’s hobbies include golf, fishing, bird hunting, traveling and spending time with their two grandchildren.

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