Bebout endorses Mike Bailey for Senate District 26

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    Yesterday, August 14th, Wyoming State Senator Eli Bebout released the following statement endorsing Senate District 26 candidate Mike Bailey.

    To the Voters of Senate District 26,

    Our country and state face many obstacles and challenges. This crucial election will determine not only how we face those challenges, but who will deliver the voice of the people to Cheyenne for years to come. Now is the time for strong, homegrown, and reasoned leadership that will remain committed to the wellbeing of our communities and the will of the citizens within those communities. Having known him for a long time, and witness his commitment to Fremont County, I feel strongly that Mike Bailey is the right choice for Wyoming Senate District 26.

    Mike is a Wyoming native that has lived and built a successful business right here. He understands the fiscally responsible economic policies that must guide the state during its current budget crisis. He has been a strong supporter, and member, of the Republican party and his conservative values, are evident. We have discussed his stance on the issues, and I am confident that they not only reflect the party as a whole but the views of conservative voters. Despite claims to the contrary, I find his support for the 2nd Amendment and gun rights to be unwavering.

    Over the last few months, I have worked diligently to secure COVID relief funds for Riverton to have a fully functional hospital. Those efforts have included discussions with the Riverton City Council and Mike directly. I am pleased to say that Mike is not only attentive to the details of the proposed action but willing to listen to community input on the matter. He is, and will continue to be, a strong advocate for the Riverton Medical District group and their efforts to ensure access to safe, high quality primary and secondary healthcare services and facilities in Riverton.

    Fremont County has the choice this coming Tuesday. I invite you to join me in making the choice to support the candidate who will be a responsive and effective leader for the people.

    Join me by voting for Mike Bailey.

    Senator Eli Bebout

    Click here to see the original letter.

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