Beat the rush and schedule your child’s sports physical today

    Why wait until the last minute to schedule your child’s sports physical? In August, the appointment book is slammed with physical after physical. Often the soonest they can get you in won’t be for another 2 weeks!

    Why not beat the rush and schedule your sports physical or wellness exam before August?

    Key Words: “Wellness Exam”

    Wellness Exam v. Sports Physical
    A Wellness Exam is a more thorough and comprehensive exam, in which they can also perform the sports physical at the same time. The best part is, insurance and Medicaid will cover a Wellness Exam – no copay. Whereas, a sports physical requires insurance co-pay or fee for service.

    A Wellness Exam includes:

    • Comprehensive sports physical
    • Chronic illness
    • Update Vaccines
    • Update Medications
    • Update Asthma Action Plans (if needed)
    • Physicians have access to medical history to have a whole picture of patient

    So what they’re really trying to say is… Schedule your Wellness Exams before August to beat the rush!

    Call 856-6591 (Riverton) or 332-2941 (Lander) to set up an appointment.



    Western Family Care | 219 S. 2nd West, Riverton, WY

    Lander Medical Clinic | 745 Buena Vista Drive, Lander, WY

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