Sports Physical Night at Lander Medical Clinic and Western Family Care

    Lander Medical Clinic is hosting a sports physical night at Lander Medical Clinic and Western Family Care this Wednesday, Aug. 7th and Thursday, Aug. 8th from 3:30 to 5:30 PM each day.

    Walk-ins are welcome during this time at each location.

    Can’t make it on these days? Call to schedule your own appointment during August.

    How to save with a Wellness Exam v. Sports Physical

    Did you know there’s a more thorough exam at a fraction of the cost? Insurance and Medicaid will cover a Wellness Exam – no copay. Whereas, a sports physical requires insurance co-pay or fee for service.

    But does a Wellness Exam cover a sports physical? Yes! A Wellness Exam by Lander Medical Clinic and Western Family Care is a comprehensive health exam, in which they can also perform the sports physical at the same time.

    An LMC and WFC Wellness Exam includes:

    • Comprehensive sports physical
    • Chronic illness
    • Update Vaccines
    • Update Medications
    • Update Asthma Action Plans (if needed)
    • Physicians have access to medical history to have a whole picture of the patient

    Call 856-6591 (Riverton) or 332-2941 (Lander) to set up an appointment.


    Western Family Care | 219 S. 2nd West, Riverton, WY

    Lander Medical Clinic | 745 Buena Vista Drive, Lander, WY

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