BBQ for a crowd – Bring on the grad parties!

Graduation season is upon us and many Fremont County graduates have already walked the stage. This weekend the seniors from 8 different high schools will join them. (Click here for more info on times) It’s a bittersweet occasion for parents and always a bit hectic. Planning the grad party can be daunting. Cooking for a crowd? Forget about it! BBQ for a crowd? Definitely!

There are lots of fun, simple things you can throw on the grill to please everyone at the party. Depending on the number of people you’re expecting, recipes range from burgers and brats to smoking that pork shoulder for some tasty shredded BBQ pork sandwiches. Whatever your plan is, here are a few tips for BBQ for a crowd.

Start simple
The basics are always a big hit at any BBQ. You can jazz up a burger or a dog with special toppings. Try a burger or hot dog bar with all the fixings. You grill and they fill! Take your basics and turn them into something fantastic and easy to grill. Have some pork roasts in the freezer? Smoking or slow grilling these ahead of time means more time for the BBQ Master to party at the party!


Sides for the win!
There are so many fun ideas for side dishes at your BBQ. Some can be made ahead of time and others can go right on the grill with the meat. Potato and macaroni salad is always a hit and you can’t go wrong with veggie kabobs. It all depends if you want to make things ahead of time or man the grill at the party.


Aluminum tins and aluminum foil are your best friend
Nobody wants the dishes from a large or even small grad party. Be sure to stock up on disposable containers, silverware, and paper plates. Aluminum tins are great for everything from sides to the main dish. Cover with foil to keep it hot and party on!

Do your best to plan ahead
Whether it’s a grad party or any BBQ throughout the season, planning out the food ahead of time will save you time and stress come party day. The host wants to have as much fun as the guests and some simple steps can make your next party stress-free. Create a list and feel accomplished every time you mark off a task. A completed list on the day of the event makes for a happy host!

Don’t forget the refreshments
Plan on having a cooler for alcoholic drinks and one for non-alcoholic. This way your guests don’t have to dig too far for what they want. Although, the most important cooler is the cooler by the BBQ! Stock it with your fave drinks and stay hydrated while you grill. Don’t forget to store extra ice in the house freezer to keep the drinks cold throughout the party.

Grill and Snap!
Don’t forget to enter the Porter’s BBQ Battle. You can win some fabulous prizes by simply posting a photo of your grilling amazingness. Don’t forget to tag Porter’s in your photo and use the hashtag #whatsgrillin.


The next 3 people to submit their #whatsgrillin photo win an official BBQ Battle t-shirt!

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