Barney Riverwalk Mural coming soon to Lander

    At Lander Arts and Sciences (AtLAS) has been working to complete the Popo Agie Gold Project with its final installment of public art along the Barney Riverwalk in Lander.

    Commissioned paintings of the Popo Agie Watershed have been wrapped onto 4 x 8 sheets of metal and will soon hang as a mural along the Riverwalk. 

    Artist Virginia Moore’s aerial perspective paintings explore our relationship with the environment. The Lander Riverwalk mural will celebrate the Popo Agie River watershed from both an aerial perspective and a ground-based perspective, encouraging viewers to make a connection between activities they may engage in on the ground, and the broader implications of participating in this ecological system.


    AtLAS is a branch of the Lander Art Center and has a diverse advisory committee, including representatives from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

    The above information was provided by the Wyoming Game & Fish Lander Region.


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