Transforming your Inner Critic into an Inner Coach

Author Mini-Workshop with Nando Raynolds

5:30 – 7:30 PM Monday, June 17th
Carnegie Room
Lander Public Library

This workshop is free for everyone.

Join us to learn how to transform your inner negativity into self-compassion. The author will introduce the principle ideas from the workbook and guide the audience in exercises to apply the ideas to their personal lives. Come learn useful tools for treating yourself with greater compassion and have some fun with friends.

“Whether you aim to tame your inner critical voice, find new ways to expand your vision, or maintain a higher level of motivation, this workbook will put you on the path and keep you moving in a focused and productive direction!” – John M. Gram, Psy.D.

The workbook is written in a casual and approachable style, the author presents this topic thoroughly, with humor and personal vignettes.

“This workbook is truly a gem! Not only are the concepts easy to understand and relate to, but the workbook is packed-full of new ideas, tools and skills.” – Maria Connolly, LPC, Somatic Coach & Trainer

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