Attorney and Advertiser cooperate to set the record straight on an “honest mistake”

A quick note from the County 10 Team related to the Public Notice below. We would like to clarify that the “10 Book,” a print advertising mailer, is not affiliated with County 10. There was an early partnership between the two to promote the new product, but the “10 Book” is a separate business owned by Fremont County local, James Silber, and not affiliated or produced by County 10.
Local attorney Zach Mahlum would like to inform the public that there is an advertisement running in this month’s edition of the “10Book” which he does not approve of. When he was first presented with this proposed advertisement two months ago, he was very clear in communicating his disapproval to the publisher. Due to circumstances beyond his control, the ad was published anyway.
The ad features a shark jumping out of the water. Zach Mahlum wants the public to understand that he does not want to be associated with the feelings that may be conjured when one thinks of a shark. Zach Mahlum wants to make it absolutely clear that he does not approve of the advertisement. If you have any further questions, you can contact Zach Mahlum at 307.332.5743.
James Silber of the 10Book was prompt in notifying Zach that a mistake was made, and worked tirelessly to cooperate with Zach and other media outlets, such as County10, to make sure the public received the desired information about his services. Zach was impressed by James’ timely and cooperative response and will seek to continue their business relationship specifically because of James’ honesty and integrity.

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