Attention parents: Rendezvous Kids enjoyed washing the dishes, cleaning the mess hall!

    A series to share #smiles across our community through the achievements of our local youth, brought to you by Rendezvous Dental.


    It’s true. Rendezvous Elementary students who attended the Teton Science School Camp this past summer reported Tuesday night they enjoyed the experience, even washing dishes and cleaning.


    Instructor Justin Taylor told the Riverton School Board that 89 Fifth grade students spent three days and two nights at the camp, learned about nature and helped to repair hiking and biking trails in the area. “This was one of the best years ever,” he said, “the kids knocked it out of the park with their teamwork and work ethic.” Eleven of the students came to the meeting with Taylor to report on their experiences.

    But what did the kids say? One by one kids who made the trip went to the microphone and related something they liked.

    “My favorite job included cleaning the mess hall after we ate and doing the dishes and helping the community there.”

    “We had a lot of teamwork, carrying buckets of rock up the mountain. Friends got to do stuff together.”


    “I enjoyed the jobs, it made us feel responsible.”

    “It was fun.”

    “I  liked the food and asking questions about nature.”


    “It was difficult, but fun at the same time helping to fix the trails.”

    “Hiking, trusting.”

    “It was very fun and I really liked it. I got to help the community restore trails for hikers and bikers.”


    Several of the comments were repeated. It was clear the kids had a good time. Superintendent Terry Snyder said their appearance at the school board meeting was an important one. “One of the toughest things for people to do is speaking in public. Everyone one of you did a presentation tonight,” he said talking directly to the students. “People who can speak in public have success in life. Now we all know who helped improve the trails and your work will last for decades.”

    Taylor (Sorry, only got the back of your head!) presented a short PowerPoint presentation of photos of the kids at work, some of those photos were captured and are displayed below:



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