Atlantic City celebrates 150th anniversary [Photos]

    The population sign reads “about 57.” Thursday and Friday, however, there were a lot more than 57 people in Atlantic City, Wyoming.

    Founded in 1868, Atlantic City turned 150 years old this week and they threw a giant birthday party.

    Historic tours, duck races, gold panning, vendors, an ice cream social, live music, and something called a “Bar-room Decathlon” (you’d have to be there) all took place as part of the celebration.


    Atlantic City became famous for its gold in the 1870’s. Most residents left after the gold boom in that era, but Atlantic City saw a resurgence in traffic during the days of the US Steel iron ore mine from the 1960’s to 1883.

    While the population in 2018 is still “about 57,” Atlantic City remains one of Fremont County’s favorite spots for a wild west experience, and its stunning recreation opportunities.



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