Associated General Contractors of Wyoming endorse Representative Lloyd Larsen for re-election to House District 54

Paid for by the candidate.

“Lloyd Larsen is an honest, hard-working leader who represents the best of Wyoming,” stated Katie Legerski, Executive Director of the Associated General Contractors of Wyoming. “Lloyd’s leadership in improving our infrastructure, supporting a strong business climate, and working to build a construction workforce is the reason why the Associated General Contractors of Wyoming take pride in supporting him.”

In 2019 a Wyoming resident general contractor contacted Representative Larsen expressing concerns about the increasing complexity they were experiencing with the state contracting requirements for building construction. Lloyd reached out to the Associated General Contractors of Wyoming and was informed there were indeed challenges largely due to antiquated statutes governing the construction of public facilities for the state and at the University of Wyoming, counties, cities, and towns.

Representative Larsen reached out to stakeholders including contractors, architects, engineers, representatives of state agencies, county, and municipal governments, and as a group spent nine months drafting three billings to conform the capital construction process, outline procurement of professional services, and procurement for capital construction. The result was conformity in statute for procurement of capital construction and professional services with the state, counties, towns, and the university filling gaps that had for decades previously created challenges for Wyoming contractors.

This effort also established more clear direction on the definition of resident contractors providing support for our Wyoming resident contractors, engineers, architects, and surveyors.

Representative Larsen remains engaged to help contractors in Wyoming provide the state with structures the citizens of the state can be proud of at a price that is good for the state and good for the contractor.

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